LICENSE PLATE RESTORATION SERVICE * $65 PER PLATE, AUTO/TRUCK * $35 PER PLATE, MOTORCYCLE SIZE PLATES * $10 PER TAB * Add A Clear Coat Finish In Either Satin or Gloss For Only $5.00 More Per Plate * We Can Not Guarantee Major Repairs * Any License Plate That The Metal Is Damaged (Holes, Dents and Rust) Will Be Repaired At EXTRA CHARGE * We Value Your Business & Guarantee Your Satisfaction * License Plate Restoration Is An Art, Not A Science * Individually Restored Plates & Tabs May Show Brush Marks On The Lettering And Add Character To Your Item But Are Rarely Noticed Unless Within A Foot Of The Plate/Tab * There May Have Been Imperfections With The Original Plate Straight From The Manufacturer Of The License Plate, In Particular, Earlier License Plates * We Do The Best Job With What We Have To Work With * To Protect Our Customers Of Restorations, We Have You Covered Under Our Return Policy If You Are Not Satisfied For Any Reason * Please Review Our Return Policy At

Depending On The Condition Of The Original License Plate, We Will Beadblast It And Guarantee That The Rust Will Be Gone And Won't Come Back. * Unless Requested Differently, The License Plates Original Colors Are The Colors Your Plate(s) Will Be * Keep In Mind, If You Are Going To Register Your Vehicle With This/These Plate(s), The Sec. Of State Does NOT Allow Any Other Colors Than The Originl Ones * To Have a SINGLE License Plate Restored, Choose Quantity Of 1 Of This Item, RESTORATION * To Have a PAIR Of License Plates Restored, Choose Quantity Of 2 Of This Item, RESTORATION * Restoration Pricing Includes 2 Colors, Base & Trim * Each Color And Clear Receive 3 Coats Each * If You Want Clear Coat, Remember To Choose From The Drop-Down Menu Below After Clicking The Box For Clear Coat * Restorations Do NOT Include Reflective Paint * We Can Not Restore Porcelain License Plates At This Time * If You Are Seeking Restoration Of License Plates That Are Not On Our Website OR Any Questionable Restoration License Plate Candidates That ARE On Or Off This Website, PLEASE, E-mail Us At  Including High Resolution Pictures Of Your Plate(s) And/Or The Year And Number Of Our License Plate(s) For Approval BEFORE Purchase Of Restorations * Please Allow Up To 5 Weeks For Delivery Of Restored License Plate Orders Up To 2 License Plates And 1 Additional Week For Each Plate Thereafter Although Most Restorations Can Be Finished Sooner * If You Have Purchased More Than 1 Plate, Or Pair Of Plates, Please Email Us With The Plate Number Of The One(s) You Want Restored *Address To Mail Restoration Plates To Will Be On Your Invoice * EFFECTIVE 12/20/2016 ALL LICENSE PLATES AND TABS MAILED TO US MUST HAVE INSURANCE * WE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR PACKAGES THAT DO NOT HAVE INSURANCE *

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